The Commitment

The overriding aim of The Inclusion Beer Project is encouraging more breweries to have the hard conversations and create Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive and Safe environments within their brewery. With tangible outcomes, the culture of the industry can change, one brewery at a time.

Breweries signing up commit to creating DE&I programs within their organizations, regardless of size, or to mentor and help another to do so. Programs should encourage constructive conversations around diversity, equality, safe spaces, social justice, etc., and support measured, consistent action and institute best practices across these issues. (Ideally, someone in the organization -- doesn’t have to be an owner -- is passionate about DE&I and willing to lead open conversations.)

Other programs are also helping breweries address specific DE&I issues, like Brave Noise (safe spaces / #metoo) and Hop Forward Equality (minority representation). Look for and sign up with these programs for support in addressing specific DE&I issues.

Inclusion Beer Releases

Beer releases under The Inclusion Beer Project are highly identifiable in the marketplace, and conveying a brewery's commitment to inclusivity and positive change in the craft beer industry. Breweries should use Inclusion releases to set and share their DE&I goals and achievements.

Participating breweries may brew what they like, what their clientele likes, and what they feel would be a great beer for this project, whenever they are ready, with label and other assets available upon sign up.

The Inclusion Beer Project is an initiative for inclusion hosted by the Bay Area Brewers Guild.