The Inclusion Beer Project is a collaborative Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiative to bring about change in the brewing industry by creating a new and much needed culture of inclusion, starting with a commitment to form a DE&I committee. The hope is breweries, guilds and associations around the world will adopt a structure for having the hard conversations, and for turning those discussions into meaningful change.

Participants are asked to make a commitment, set tangibles goals, and use the Inclusion Beer Project as a source of inspiration and support, and most significantly, as a vehicle for public proclamation. Stating goals and intentions is a powerful motivator for enacting change -- use your Inclusion beer release to set a bar.

Resources on the way include a step-by-step guide for forming a DE&I program. Inclusion assets and label designs are accessible upon sign up, and for use whenever your brewery is ready to issue a release that spotlights your DE&I commitment.

Goals for Inclusion

  1. Help breweries & guilds form DE&I groups.
  2. Create safe spaces for serious and difficult conversations.
  3. Support, collaborate and share meaningful efforts around DE&I.
  4. DE&I becomes a permanent part of the brewing industry's culture.

How To Participate

Sign up to join the Inclusion Beer Project:

  • Commit to forming a DE&I group within your organization
  • Get notified as DE&I resources come online
  • Access Inclusion assets now & use an Inclusion release to mark your commitment or a DE&I milestone you set
  • Make any beer you want
    • Use new ingredients or techniques -- get out of your comfort zone!
    • Bonus: Collaborate with someone you know who can support your DE&I efforts, or who you can support
    • Optional: Fundraise for a DE&I cause or nonprofit impacting your community
  • On brew day, hold a DE&I meeting with your team, and lay out tangible goals
  • Proclaim these goals on cans, social, your website
  • Commit to the change!